One sunny but fresh and crisp unassuming Winter afternoon somewhere in Melbourne, Australia, I logged into our blog to perform a relatively mundane task when I noticed that we had about a hundred comments waiting to be approved and published. And 113 ‘likes’ and counting!

Curious, I read each one, and with each positively inspiring comment, I was blown away. Readers of all ages, from all the way across the globe loved our work!

It was exhilarating!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was lamenting to James that we weren’t getting enough traffic. How do we generate more?

Err… you get Freshly Pressed. That’s one way to shoot your traffic through the roof.

So what does it mean to be Freshly Pressed?

It means the hard work has paid off.

It means the months of chasing stories, and sleepless nights brainstorming ideas, waiting to be seen, heard, recognized and inspired has found itself a home.

It means the days and nights debating but then continuing to believe in our original vision and not straying from that has finally proven itself.

It means that somehow somewhere, we have touched hearts, inspired souls and shared a passion.

It means that traffic has skyrocketed a hundred percent more through the blog with just one story!

It means we’ve gone global.

And we’ve only been up and running for six months.

And it means that out of half a million blogs, we were picked to be featured on the home page.

Or should I say, Freshly Pressed!

Thanks everyone for your support! Keep reading and we will keep entertaining and inspiring, informing and educating you with our posts.

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