In an earlier blog, we covered the perks of heading to Queen Victoria Market for a wander. But in summer, the nights come alive with the famous Melbourne summer tradition, Suzuki Night Market.

Held every Wednesday from November to February, the night boasts a smorgasbord of cuisines, unique wares, bars, bands, live entertainment, and local produce on display and for purchase. And with more than 150 vendors showcasing wares ranging from unique clothing and jewellery through to original prints and plants, you will certainly be spoilt for choice!

Apart from the usual eclectic mix of items you can find browsing through the stalls, there is also a mind, body and spirit section where you can tap into the higher realms of spirituality and attain some enlightening answers; although how that is possible amidst the din of music, and throngs of people is in itself a wonder to me!

And when we say smorgasbord of cuisines, be prepared to feast! With over 30 stalls offering fresh food prepared on the spot, you will be spoilt for choice for cuisines from India, Vietnam, Korea, Ethiopia, Spain, Holland and the Middle East. The best way to enjoy Queen Victoria’s Suzuki Night Market is to come with friends and an appetite; and try everything on the menu!

It wasn’t exactly a balmy night that found us at the famous Suzuki Night Market. The weather was a little cool and the sun was struggling to show itself from behind the clouds, as it played hide and seek, but a delicious serving of Spanish paella, coupled with a healthy helping of Korean twist potatoes, washed down with Sangrias and all was well. We would have loved to feast further but well satiated, with great company and light entertainment, the night was deemed a success!

A tourist haven, Queen Victoria Market is an attraction all on its own, but when you throw in this summer tradition, the lure is unmistakable!

Text: Nina Mostafa
Images: James Ser

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