Every six months or so, the creative gather in the carpark of Melbourne’s Federation Square to showcase some of the most innovative designs and creations at the Melbourne Design Market.

Held at the end of July, some of the day’s highlights included:

Admiring the prints at OnStone, I spoke to the owner Nick and he told me how they print the photos onto the blocks, using print press. Some unique requests include pages from an expired passport; and a hand-written letter from one’s grandmother.

Myrtle and Moss
I love this shelving unit from Myrtle and Moss. A perfect display case for the products. That mixture of textures, the amber glass, against that rust, with the softness of the green, both in texture and color. And as I’m admiring the unit, Andrew comes up to me and tells me he had made it for his sister, who runs Myrtle and Moss, the bottles are hers; the furniture, his. What a wonderful combination.

Sands Made
James and I picked our favorites of these wooden cheeseboards from Sands Made, a local-based workshop that unleashes its passion for food and cooking into designing and creating simple yet aesthetically pleasing and functional products for the kitchen and dining table.

Like Butter
James singles out these shelving designs from Like Butter as one of his favorites for the day. Direct from its Kensington workshop, this innovative use of multipurpose crates is the brainchild of industrial designer Jem Selig Freeman and sculptor Laura Woodward.

Text: Nina Mostafa
Images: James Ser

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