This year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival is extra special for me. Beloved long-time friend, Matthew (Fox) Klein rips the stage with his take on life, love, Hollywood, and sex.

A true veteran, Matthew has been cruising the Australian comedy scene the last decade and is a regular at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and The Comics Lounge, amongst other spots.

Having spent the last couple of years in the US pursuing his career, he’s back with a vengeance for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Over the years, I’ve watched him at various events, from live shows to studio recordings, from fundraisers to intimate performances; and every performance is given with heart. Matthew has an ability to instantly connect with his audience on a level that makes you want to be a part of his inner circle.

His delivery is precision-timed punch lines combined with charm that could knock your socks off. Even if you’re not wearing any! An easy-going intimate style laced with clever humor that relates to life in a way that touches your core.

For Sugarcoat, he gives you all this, and more; an avenue to question your own vulnerability while laughing at yourself, and at how human we all are and how simple everything is.

Sugarcoat is witty. Clever. Honest. Refreshing. One man’s journey captured in little seemingly unrelated anecdotes that add up. And all proceeds go to beyondblue. Absolute gold.

Text: Nina Mostafa
Images: James Ser

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