We recently had the privilege and pleasure of being invited to attend the launch of Max Griffith’s ninth book, Angels in the Outback, in celebration of the Centenary of the founding of the Australian Inland Mission.

Held in the GEM Scott Library on a lovely Spring Sunday afternoon in Ormond College, the launch was a meeting of minds and close friends.

With former Minister of the Arts and Sports Rod Kemp giving the opening speech, the afternoon was attended by Ormond College’s Director of College Advancement, Ann Badger, as well as the Chancellor of Melbourne University, Elizabeth Alexander, amongst other dignitaries.

Angels in the Outback charts the time, experience, efforts, and lives of the engineers, clergymen, doctors, and nurses who gave themselves selflessly to the harshness and challenges of Central Australia in the years surrounding WWI, and who persevered against all odds.

Text: Nina Mostafa
Images: James Ser

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