Two Singaporeans living and working in Melbourne, Australia, collaborate to bring you our thoughts and reflections in pictures and words.

From meandering through eclectic laneways and alleys, to weekends bargaining in markets, to nights under bright city lights, and daytrips to bask under sunny skies, we share with you the experiences through our eyes, and help you discover and rediscover some of the best that Melbourne (and Australia) has to offer.

Come take a journey with us.

Photography: James Ser
Text: Nina Mostafa

Partnership on The Australien
James and I met in Melbourne as colleagues many years ago. We lead very separate lives but have one fundamental streak in common; we are both aliens living in Australia, hence the name, The Australien.

We have a mutual respect for each other’s talent and potential. This admiration ensures that the integrity of the work we create is always a complete representation of our talents to the maximum of our abilities.

And we follow through this integrity even if it means we hold off on publishing a blog until we are both happy with what we showcase. We continue to inspire each other and hope that through The Australien, we inspire you, too!

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