Let us take you on a journey; to one of Victoria’s hidden but far from secret treasures and one of the world’s oldest and most spectacular mountain ranges, Grampians National Park.

Walk with us through an abundance of wildlife into a place rich in Aboriginal history as you catch your breath in awe at some of the most picturesque sights nature has to offer.

And as you venture through the heart of the park to Halls Gap, Jaws of Death and Balconies Lookout, you will soon see why we are overwhelmed by the natural beauty around us. Can you feel it, too? Amazing, isn’t it?

Then imagine if you can, the piece de resistance, MacKenzie Falls, one of Victoria’s largest waterfalls, in the Wartook Valley.

Anticipation builds as we near the waterfalls and the sounds entice us closer.

Cascading its magnificence from a height of at least 30m into a base that makes for one of the most scenic backdrops you will ever feast your eyes on, MacKenzie Falls is truly stunning. Best viewed between the months of June and October, you can expect rainbow mists that can truly rival those found in Yosemite National Park in California, where I’d been many years ago. Ahh the memories!

With a very still hand, and a determination to keep his camera and equipment dry, James captures these gorgeous shots. So for now perhaps we should just sit back and let the photos do the talking.

Text: Nina Mostafa
Images: James Ser

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