Ever wanted to be an artist for the day and be a part of something bigger?

At the recent Bend and Snap Market held at Thousand Pound Bend, Deans Art sponsored a little Pop M’art pop up art stand with free canvases and paints for visitors to try their hand at painting anything they desired.

Clearly the highlight of the market, it paved the way for blossoming artists who then brought home their masterpieces in boxes shaped like pizza boxes.

Called Pop M’art pieces, each one will tell a story.

But where will all the Pop M’art canvases end up? And how do all the stories add up?

At the market, I got to meet and chat with Beeeee (pronounced ‘Bee’, the last two are silent, he explains), who is currently working on a documentary entitled ‘200 Stories of Art’, a ‘making of’ documentary that will be presented at an art installation masterpiece event. Essentially touted as ‘art for the people by the people in action’, this project aims to amalgamate the diversity of everything that is Melbourne, as each canvas unveils its story.

The idea is to photograph each Pop M’art piece and speak to the artist to gain an understanding of the vision and concept behind each artwork. These stories will then feed the inspiration behind the art installation.

Planned for launch in the last week of June for a charity art auction event for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, this mission will see the coming together of budding artists who contributed their stories in this interactive environment of social painting.

James got right into it as one of the artists who will now be a contributor to this inspirational project. Here are some snaps of his contribution.

But none of this would have happened if not for the invite to Bend and Snap Market which I received from a friend who showcased her wares for the day. Minc Design, owned and run by Miyuki Mardon, is all about handmade craft products and accessories with a touch of vintage femininity.

We finished our afternoon snacking on little cupcakes in cones by POPS! by Eve. Great little bite-sized treats full of vanilla and chocolatey goodness, covered in the prettiest colored icing and sprinkles.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Stay inspired,
Nina and James

Text: Nina Mostafa
Images: James Ser

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